Method of Working Cast Plastic Installation

Method of Working Cast Plastic Installation – Plastic cor is especially useful when used for floor plates or plates above the ground. If you buy plastic cor, make sure that the plastic has a sufficient thickness (about 0.05 to 0.1 mm) so that it is not easy to break when installing a plate or wire mesh.

The concrete base’s surface is kept from coming into contact with wet soil by plastic. As a result, it is less likely that water or steam will enter the pores of the concrete, protecting the bones from rust and corrosion. Concrete surfaces become rusty from corrosion, which also weakens the bones.

Method of Working Cast Plastic Installation

There are a few things you need to know before installing cast plastic. First, cast plastic is thin and flexible. However, this feature causes cast plastic to crack if exposed to sharp objects, such as construction materials. As a result, the installation of cast plastic should be done carefully. In this way, plastic cor can function well as a cement water retention.

In addition, cast plastic’s flexibility raises installation difficulty compared to other work surfaces like screed. When installing it, make sure the cast plastic does not directly touch the wiremesh. Concrete’s lifespan can be shortened in situations where cast plastic is stuck to the wire mesh and rusts. In general, the tilt angle of installation as well as the thin and flexible characteristics of plastic, as already mentioned above, are things to pay attention to when installing cast plastic.

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Method of Implementation of Cast Plastic Installation

  1. Put the plastic cor on the ground.
  2. To prevent wiremesh from coming into direct contact with plastic cor, put the corner over the plastic corner before putting the iron wiremash.
  3. Put the wiremesh iron sheet over the plastic cor.
  4. Put the cor material on the wiremesh iron sheet.

Not only that, but the flexibility of cast plastic also raises the level of installation difficulty compared to other work surfaces like screed. When installing it, watch out that the cast plastic doesn’t come into contact with the wiremesh directly. When cast plastic sticks to the wire mesh, it may rust, shortening the lifespan of the concrete. The tilt angle of installation and the plastic’s thinness and flexibility, as already mentioned, are two general considerations when installing cast plastic.



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