Cast Plastic


Cast Plastic – Per most of us often wonder why the surface of the soil to be carved is covered with cast plastic. Do you know what cast plastic is? If you do not know about cast plastic, you are in the right article. Because i’ll discuss about cast plastic further.

A lot of articles about the products we sell are available on the PT MAXPRO KURNIA MEGAH website, so be sure to check it out first. Cast plastic is just one of the materials that PT MAXPRO KURNIA MEGAH produces. Other materials are also used. Some of them include Geocell, Cocomesh, Geobag, Woven Geotextile, Geomembrane, Geogrid, and Drainage Cell.

Cast Plastic

Since the cast plastic was previously used to cover concrete or screed, the use of cast plastic is considered a new innovation in and of itself. Compared to the previous product, which was made of inferior material and could not be used again, this one is of higher quality. The primary element of the concrete cor that interacts with the soil is cast plastic. Its purpose is to stop water from soaking into the soil. Nowadays, plastic outperforms screed and poor-quality cast concrete.

The concrete’s bottom surface is prevented from having a direct relationship with wet soil by the plastic function. When this happens, there is less chance of water or steam penetrating the pores of the concrete, and the bones are uncorroded. In addition to damaging the bones, corrosion will turn the concrete’s surface rusty in color.

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Benefits of Cast Plastic

  • Costs are cheaper
  • Materials are easily obtainable
  • Easy in storage.
  • Avoid the carat/corrosion
  • Installation time is faster.

Comparison With Other Plastics

  • This plastic is a plastic with the basic material of making polyextract that is really dedicated to the important function of supporting materials. Not only can it also be recycled or reused after not being used, so it will be more environmentally friendly.

It differs from other types of plastics such as HDPE, LDPE, OPP or PVC. These types of plastics have different uses.

  • HDPE is a plastic that is commonly used for shopping bags, oil bottles, detergent packages and other materials that have a special weight-resistant power level.
  • Different from LDPE which is generally used for boiler coatings as well as with easy power.
  • Meanwhile, this OPP is used for packing snacks, bread or clothes with a weak power against heat.
  • The latter is PVC, which is usually used on pipe or plastic windows.



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